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Please feel free to drop me an email - whether it's a 'Handy Hint' or just a good old rant, you can be sure that your outpourings will reach a sympathetic ear. I was going to include my phone number and a map of how to get to my house for drinkies and Twiglets, but then I remembered the pervert who started sending me photographs of his girlfriend (allegedly). Be warned: there are some very strange people out there.


Warm Crash Test Greetings to...

Louise S who sent me a very sweet email telling me to get off my lazy arse and go back to work. I suspect her mother may be dead, which from my perspective isn't necessarily a bad thing.

A nice lady called Emma who emailed me today with confirmation of her diagnosis that she is NOT strange after all. Well, Ems, I suggest that you start acting strange a.s.a.p. and see what effect it has on the people around you.  It's a top tip for hours of entertainment.

'House Mover' from Cambridge who scrapes her husband's toothbrush on the carpet. Your tips for dealing with an unsatisfactory man were gratefully received. Hope your day today is filled with joy.

'Sarah W' who has five children under the age of 5 (!) and is just 21 years old. Go, Sarah, go!

'Pamela McM' from who knows where, who suggests this website be prescribed by doctors as an anti-depressant. Wise words indeed. My doctor eats Prozac instead of cornflakes.